Have you had enough with the stress of managing your kids screen time?

You are not alone! Parenting in the digital age is one of the leading causes of stress in modern families.

This class will help calm the chaos and help you raise kids who are smart, healthy and safe users of the online world.

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What's in the Class?

  • Module 1: I'll teach you the 2 key skills kids need in order to become healthy and smart users of the online world.
  • Module 2: I'll go through all the ways to transform your home from a screen time free for all into a calm and organized space for online and offline fun.
  • Module 3: We'll talk safety. I'm going to walk you through the conversation you want to have with your child before they start interacting online with people they may not know. I'll also take you through parental monitoring options.
  • Module 4: I'll walk you through the good and the less good aspects of video games. I'll teach you how to manage time and bond with your kids.
  • Module 5: Social Media. I'll guide you on how to make safe and sound choices around this very difficult topic.
  • Module 6: We wrap it up and I leave you with some final thoughts and resources.

Plus you get my SMARTPHONE 101 illustrated guide book for tweens included FREE with your purchase!


How Much Does it Cost?

The course costs $149.00

It is  yours to keep forever. It never expires so you'll always have my advice handy when you need it going forward.

Not everyone can afford a private consultation, but everyone should get the guidance they need.

"I recommend Julia's online course to every single parent I know - especially these days! Julia's course is packed full of information and tips on how to achieve healthy habits and boundaries around screen time in your family.  Simple, research-based and holistic, this course has given me the confidence and support I need as a parent trying to navigate this digital world!"

Sarah S.
Mom of two

Tame the Chaos

Learn how to create and establish clear rules that your kids will follow

Become an Ally

Stop all the fighting, get curious and reconnect with your kids

Keep Your Kids Safe

Walk through everything you need to know to protect your child


"I love Julia's approach to raising digital natives -- be smart, not scared. Julia armed us with essential knowledge and tools that we use every day to help keep ourselves and our kids informed, safe and smart." 

Brandi M.
Mom of two