Let Us Teach Your Kids To...


Be Safe

Just some pointers to make sure you keep yourself safe online and keep your info private

Be Smart

Learn what to share and what not share and how to avoid digital drama 

Be Healthy

Don't let that new phone control you. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and take care of yourself

Smartphone 101

Your Child's Pocket Companion


Who is this Class For?

Great question! This class is for any kid who is about to receive or has recently received their first smartphone or tablet with access to texting, social media, and the internet at large. It is catered to ages 10 -13 but can speak to kids slightly younger or older.


What is it?

A class created by Digital Media Wellness Expert, Julia Storm with the help of a great team of teens to help get your child off on the right foot with their new phone or tablet.

5 short modules (3-7 min) filled with useful information on:

communicating with friends

watching out for strangers

private vs. public info

privacy settings

mental and physical wellbeing

creating healthy boundaries



Each section comes with it's own downloadable resources and guides for added support.


How to Use it

Gifting your child this online class is easy. You simply purchase it and create a user profile for your child. Then install the Kajabi App on your child's device (Kajabi hosts the course online) and sign in. The class will be right there in their library - accessible any time they need it!


(and it's yours to keep forever)

Yes! My Kid Needs This!