First Steps for Strong Beginnings


The Essential Online Course for Parents Struggling with How to Raise Kids in the Digital Age


Based on Julia Storm's renowned in-person ReConnect Parenting Workshops, this engaging, informative and easily digestible online class offers a simple way to start setting up your kids to be smart, healthy and balanced citizens of the online world.

"Julia gave me the language and guidance I needed to begin a healthy media diet for my family. I was struggling with how to attack the issue and now I feel confident with the tools she gave me."

- Kristen Bell, Actress/Mom of 2

Why Take this Class?


Managing and guiding the ways our children interact with their digital devices is an essential part of our job as parents in the digital age.

But all too often our best efforts simply lead to fights and frustration. I created this course, based on my in-person ReConnect Parent Ed Workshops, to help every parent build a toolbox of tips and strategies to make life at home with digital devices less stressful.

All the basics of getting digital device use under control in your family. Specifically catered to parents of kids ages 5-12.

Topics Covered:

  • How to manage the 'How Much, Where and When' of screen time
  • How to find and monitor appropriate content for kids
  • When is the right time to buy a child a phone
  • Keeping kids safe online
  • Guiding kids through Video Games, YouTube, Social Media
  • Becoming your child's ally in the online world
  • Setting yourself up as a digital mentor

And so much more!

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"If I could make Julia Storm's workshops required viewing for all parents I would.  Her low-key demeanor, breadth of knowledge and ability to talk about “scary” topics without fear-mongering is exactly what we need to inform our parents without scaring them."
- Erica Huls, Director of Educational Technology, Pressman Academy
I'm Ready

Priced for You

Nobody needs another large expense. You want answers in an easy, all in one package, but you don't want to spend a ton of money. That's why I've made sure the price for this class is a fair and worthy expense for your family.

Fits Into Your Life

The beauty of this class is that you make of it what you want. Watch the videos or just listen to the audio. Take the class on a lunch break, in bed or on a walk.  It's your time and this is your class - you use it how you'd like.

"Julia's class is smart, funny and real. I walked away with new information, practical strategies and motivation to make positive changes to the tech habits of our entire family."
-Susi J., Mom of 2

There's No Need to Wait

Whatever age your child is now, this is the perfect time to take the First Steps for Strong Beginnings online class. Start guiding your kids now and you will set them up with healthy habits that will benefit them for years to come.
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